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How to wear your diamond studs ALL THE TIME!

Posted by sarah kadlic on

I've come up with a little method I realize a lot of ladies might be doing too. Its a way to wear your diamond studs all the time! Diamond studs are one of the more expensive pieces to add to your collection, especially if they are of good quality and a decent size. They are wonderful because you can barely feel them and you can sleep in them easily. However, it is also fun to change around your look with gemstones for color or to create softness with pearls. But leave your studs IN while you do this!! Maybe your ear piercings are like mine... I have a bit of sagging that probably started when I was wearing big hoop earrings in the 1990s. I almost thought about getting it fixed. Now I realize its the perfect size for putting both my studs and a pair of hoops or wire dangle earrings. That way, I get to always have the bling of my stud but can change up my look for when I go out. Its a great way to amp up your earlobe!!



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