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Vintage Retro 18K Gold Turquoise Day To Night Baroque Pearl Drop Earrings

  • $97500

Vintage Retro 1960s 70s 18k Gold Turquoise Pearl Day Night Dangle Earrings

These impressive retro vintage earrings are set in rich texturized 18K yellow gold.  The pendant style earrings feature two large sugarloaf turquoise cabochon gemstones that each measure 16mm x 11.5mm x 9.2mm.  The turquoise pieces are set with gold loop hooks for a day-night pendant option.  Included are two baroque pearl drops set in 14k gold, but the earrings will accept any drops you may have - from lapis to coral to diamond etc. -many looks can be created!  The earrings dangle marvelously from the ear and while rich and heavy in gold weight they are still very comfortable set with 14k omega style backs.  Posts could easily be added as well.

The earrings are marked "18k" for 18k gold purity and with a maker's mark.  The backs are marked 14k.

The earrings measure approximately 22.5mm long by 17.2mm wide. 

The weight of the earrings is 16.7 grams.