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Antique Mother Child Original Oil Painting Italy, Italian School, 19th Century

  • $2,40000

Stunning Antique Original Oil Painting from Italy, The Italian School, 19th Century

Sizable painting at 40 ¾" x 56 ¾"

"Allegory of Plenty" Original Antique Oil Painting features woman, child and putti with overflowing cornucopia.  Lovely color of blues, pinks, sage green, browns and corals subtly faded to create a marvelous effect, a treat for the eyes!  

This oil is on canvas mounted to board, in beautiful gilt wood frame

Overall size of painting and frame is 45" x 61"
The painting is quite large and I am hoping to prepare it well for UPS shipping
(Shipping should run around $100-150, this is included in the price)

Condition: Moisture damage with accompanying lifting and loss of pigments throughout, surface soiling, minor area of prior inpainting to fruit.